Art Space

For us, art is inseparably linked to the artist's personality. We want to get to know and understand the artist and his motivation. As a person, as an artist and as a creator to be able understand his work better, more deeply. This, for us, means confrontation with life, with values, perspectives, ideas and emotions. Our own and those of the artists and those that emerge from the process.
"Kunst, Freunde!" is commitment, appeal, invitation and motto of our private engagement that was brought to life in Vienna's arty 7th district. Our aim is to bring together people who are open for art, for new things and who want to get inspired and surprised in the setting of likeminded.
Events take place throughout the year by invitation only which shall safeguard that art lovers and artists have the opportunity to get to know each other. The setting is sophisticated and amicable at the same time. This offers the artist the opportunity to present his work in a special environment. The guests shall be able to network and, in general, to celebrate the "beautiful sides of life" together.

© Anderl Weber

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