Certainly, a private art collection is always very personally motivated and a living, growing organism in itself.

The vision behind the Collection Anderl Weber is to discover art, the artist as a person and his work as well as to get to know and understand the artist's creative motivation and to accompany him in his career in an appreciative and curious way.

The fascination and focus of the Collection Anderl Weber lie in art that pushes boundaries and thereby constantly explores them anew, that plays with the invisible and makes the unspoken visible.

The focus is on Austrian contemporary art. In addition to the renowned artists Erwin Wurm and Herbert Brandl, the collection focuses on young up-and-coming artists such as Clemens Wolf, Peter Jellitsch, Alex Ruthner, Nana Mandl as well as Les Tardes Goldscheyder and Denesh Ghyczy.

Personal engagement with art and artists is particularly important to us. In order to allow you to understand our fascination for the respective artists and their art, we herewith provide a very personal insight behind the scenes of our collection:

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