Erwin Wurm

Erwin Wurm does not need to be introduced to the art lover. His fat cars, houses and boats hanging stranded from roofs are too well known.
We did get to know Erwin and his art work first on professional (legal) level. The case offered the almost unique opportunity to enter very deeply and directly into Erwin's artistic creative process via his sketchbooks.
The fascination for Erwin's work was triggered and intensified as we got to know his personality. Erwin's appreciative, open and straight forward manner stands out. It culminates in the always remarkable appointments in his castle in Limberg. The sensitive and loving renovation of details as well as Erwin's works scattered around the estate represent the true nature and essence of this artist. There is hardly any better way to get to know and understand Erwin and his work than meeting him in Limberg.
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