Peter Jellitsch

An artwork discovered at a fair, meticulously studied and found to be really good. That was our entrée to Peters Jellitsch's work, which we first discovered at Vienna Contemporary some years ago.
Fascinated by the graphically crystal-clear, repetitive depictions of transmission tower palms we came to know and appreciate Peter's artistic exploration of patent drawings and technical inventions.

On the same evening when discovering his art work we met Peter in person at a gallery dinner organized for Clemens Wolf. We were sitting next to Peter and were amazed by the strong overlap between his central artistic theme and our legal specialisation. This was the start for future collaborations. The one between Peter Jellitsch and Clemens Wolf is particularly exciting: Two strong artists, free of vanity and too much ego, get involved with each other and jointly create something new. We are very happy that Peter and Clemens did realise the "Peter and the Wolf" room in our Art Space which gives their collaboration a nice frame.

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© Anderl Weber

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